How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from Android Phone

No matter you are using Android or iPhone, it's inevitable that you delete text messages from your phone, including the phone number, texts content, sending time and other details. You may regret deleting these important messages. Don't blame yourself because you never thought you will need them again. It's a good habit cleaning old text messages from time to time, but once you delete important messages and want to get them back, you need to use a safe texts recovery tool. You may get millions of results when searching "how to retrieve deleted text messages" on the internet. Don't waste your time filtering because we will recommend you the easiest and safest way in this article.

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How to recover deleted text messages from Android phone?

Step 1. Download and install Android Data Recovery

Before you start recovering, please first download and install this Android data recovery software on your computer. It's free to download and install.

Android Data Recovery

Step 2. Connect Android to computer

Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB cable. It will require you open the USB debugging mode on your phone. This step is safe. Only by opening the USB debugging mode can you establish the connection between your Android device and computer.

Enter USB debugging mode

Follow the shown step to open USB debugging mode on your computer. Then look at your phone and tap OK on the phone screen.

Step 3. Scan messages in your Android phone

Tick Messsages option and click Next. It will scan your Android phone.

Check messages

Step 4. Recover deleted text messages

After scanning, all the text messages will be listed. You can read in the read them one by one and select what you need and click Recover.

Recover deleted messages

Now the deleted texts on your Android phone have been recovered and saved on your computer.