How to Recover Lost Contacts from iPad Without Backup

I mistakenly deleted some contacts on my iPad and I forgot to back them up. And it happens that I really need those contacts very urgent. Please is there anyone who knows how to retrieve deleted contacts from iPad without backup?

There are people saying that there is no way to recover iPad contact without backup, but the sayings are very wrong because I will show you the solution today on how to retrieve deleted contacts from iPad without backup. The tool I use to recover iPad contacts without backup is iPad contact recovery software.

This particular iPad contact recovery software allows you to retrieve deleted iPad contacts without backup.

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How to recover lost iPad contacts without backup

Before I show you the steps to recover lost contacts from iPad without backup, you have to download, install and run the iPad contact recovery on your Windows computer.

Note: You should not use your iPad to do anything after you delete your contacts, because any thing you do on your iPad may overwrite the lost data. The best thing to do is to power off your iPad until you have retrieved deleted iPad contacts.

Step 1: Connect iPad to PC with a USB cable

You have three options to recover iPad contacts, one is recovering from iOS device, two is recovering from iTunes backup and three is recovering from iCloud backup. Since you forgot to backup your contacts before it get deleted, you have to go for recover from iOS device.

Connect iPad to PC

First, run the iOS data recovery program and the program will ask you to connect your iPad to the computer.

Your device will be detected by the program; you will see the "Start" button on program interface. You have to click it to start scanning all your files on the iPad. On the program main interface you will see the START button. You will have to click on the start button to scan all the files on your contacts.

Step 2: Preview and retrieve deleted iPad contacts

Recover Deleted iPad Contacts

After the program has finished the scanning, you can then be able to preview all deleted data in the scan result, including SMS video, notes, contacts, calendar, bookmark and lot more. Your lost and existing contacts will be shown on "Contacts" folder. You will have to enter it and tick those contacts you really want to recover.

Step 3: You have to save the retrieved deleted iPad contacts on PC

Save the Recovered iPad Contacts on PC

Here you have to click on the right button "Recover", and then you have to create saving folder for recovered contacts on the pop-up "Recover Files". You just have to click "Go" to start to retrieve deleted iPad contacts.

Note: The scan result will show all lost data which include deleted data and those still on your iPad. If it is only the deleted ones you want you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items.

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